Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned
Identify which decisions you need to make. There are several grounds under Ohio Law for a Divorce ranging from incompatibility to extreme cruelty. Although Ohio is a no-fault divorce state, incompatibility may not be sufficient. Consequently, it is wise to also plead one of the grounds.
All Divorces, Dissolutions and Annulments must contain a Separation Agreement, Child Support Guidelines and a Parenting Schedule if there are children of the marriage. The difference between a Divorce and Dissolution is the order in which the documents are filed, though the end result is the same.
In Dissolution, the parties agree before the proper paperwork is filed in the Domestic Relations Court. After the documents are signed, the court is petitioned to accept the agreement and a hearing is held to take testimony by both parties and to finalize the Dissolution. The time frame for Dissolution is much shorter since all the issues are resolved prior to the Petition to the Court.
In a Divorce, a complaint is filed and the other party has 28 days to answer. After the 28 days expire, a pretrial is scheduled and the parties along with their respective attorneys appear to discuss the issues of the Divorce. A Divorce can become very costly if the parties cannot agree to the terms of the Separation Agreement and Parenting Schedule.
Most people do not qualify for an Annulment. Even if you have been married for a few weeks, you will probably have to file a Divorce complaint to end the marriage.
The process to obtain a Legal Separation is the same process as filing for a Divorce. The caveat is that you are not allowed to remarry at the end of a Legal Separation. The Cuyahoga County Clerk of Common Courts Domestic Relations Division is where marital and other non-criminal domestic disputes are handled.