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The difference between a Divorce and Dissolution is the order in which the documents are filed, though the end result is the same.

In Dissolution, the parties agree before the proper paperwork is filed in the Domestic Relations Court. After the documents are signed, the court is petitioned to accept the agreement and a hearing is held to take testimony by both parties and to finalize the Dissolution. The time frame for Dissolution is much shorter since all the issues are resolved prior to the Petition to the Court.

We will help stop the phone calls from creditors, the letters of demand, and we can stop court action.

  1. Ohio law requires that if you are in any automobile accident, you must stop immediately.
  2. Being involved in an auto accident can be an upsetting experience, but it’s important to stay calm.
  3. Check for injuries. Before exchanging information make sure there are no injuries. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. Help to make any injured person comfortable, but do not move him or her, or you may aggravate an injury.